Exact Fit Throw Lever, SWFA 2.5-10X32mm Ultralight

Fits SWFA 2.5-10X32mm Ultralight Rifle Scopes. This is a reduced size, "compact/hunting style" throw lever specifically designed for this light, compact scope.

Our Exact Fit Throw Lever provides unparalleled ease of use.  The ergonomically designed knob makes manipulation of the power ring fast, sure and comfortable during high pressure use.  Much the way a "Tactical Bolt Knob" improves manipulation of a bolt action rifle, after using our Exact Fit Throw Lever you'll never want to go back to the sharp, skinny aluminum throw levers.

Our Exact Fit Throw Levers are made from an extremely strong, tough composite material that ensures a lifetime of service with all the durability you've come to expect with AADMOUNT products.  The Exact Fit of our Throw Levers allows them to perfectly fit the power ring of the scope in a way that is not possible with a skinny aluminum lever.  This ensures the Throw Lever and the power ring of the scope act as if they are a single unit with zero slippage possible.  And of course, our Exact Fit Throw Lever won't scratch your scope.  

As with all our products, our Exact Fit Throw Levers are covered by our Lifetime Replacement Warranty.



SWFA 2.5-10X32mm Ultralight Exact Fit Throw Lever
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