Flip Up Cap Set, S&B 3-20X50mm PMII & Ultra Short

Fits Schmidt and Bender 3-20X50mm PMII and Ultra Short with Tenebraex adapters on the ocular end and with or without Tenebraex adapters on the objective. 


Select "With Tenebraex Adapter" option if you wish the objective cap to snap onto the Tenebraex adapter.  Select "Without Tenebraex Adapter" if you plan to remove the adapter from the objective bell.  If your adapter does not unscrew easily, don't force it as some are non-removable. 

Rain Proof

Fog Proof

Snow Proof

Dust Proof

Dirt Proof

Mud Proof

Abuse Proof

Made in USA


Lifetime Replacement Warranty


Note:  Caps listed as "Backordered" may be ordered at any time.  The sooner they are ordered the sooner they will be made and shipped.  Most "Backordered" caps will ship within a couple weeks of being ordered.

Flip Up Cap Set, S&B 3-20X50mm PMII & Ultra Short
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